Leather Repair & Restore Bolton – Mobile Service

We are your local mobile Leather Repairs Bolton offering on site Leather Repairs service from Car dealers, Furniture retailers to domestic clients. If you have a furniture or leather related fault we can help, we offer a fast and friendly service undertaking all repairs in your home or place of work.

Here you will see a repair carried out to a burst seam on a shoulder area of a car seat, this was undertaken onsite at the customers home, these are the types of work which is undertaken on a daily basis, we offer our services through Lancashire so if your in Burnley or Manchester a member of team can visit you to undertake a repair for you. We provide free online quotations no salesman will call, there is no hard sale, send us a breif description with a few photos and you will receive a quote back the same day, no fuss no hassles. You can take your time and come back to us when you are ready.

We undertake a good range of services from minor scuffs right through to full colour changes, the joys of our service is it costs you nothing to ask, send a few photos and a description and we will fire back a quote, no time off work, no salesman trying to convince you to go ahead, no waisted time. Our customers love how quick we can provide a quote and that we undertake all repairs in the customers home, no taking the furniture away.

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Do you have flat seat cushions, do you have colour loss on your sofa, don’t worry Leather Repairs can help use our contact form for a free quote.


Our experienced service technicians can assist with

Leather Restoration

Leather Repairs

Leather Cleaning

Foam Repairs

Cushion Replacements

Stitching Repairs

Frame Repairs

Panel Replacement

Colour Loss

Full Renovation

Dry Transfer

General Wear & Tear

Cracked & Split Leather

Cigarette Burns

Grease Marks

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